About Us

Tony is a born and bred West Coaster and has been brought up in the building industry with Tonys Father and Grandfather having been in the Trade.

He started his apprenticeship in 1993 with his Father, Norman and then gained further experience with Bloc Developments before going out on his own in 1997. National Certificate and Trade Certificate in Carpentry were completed in 1997.

Tony lives in Greymouth with his wife Megan, and their three young sons.

Now Tony Wilkins Builder Ltd has staff of 17, employing a team of apprentices and experienced builders. We undertake a variety of builds, specialising in Architectural Homes having a reputation for quality workmanship.

Tony Wilkins Builder Limited has been a member of the Registered Master Builders Association for 20 years, and is a past president of Westland Master Builders.

Thank you for visiting us, we look forward to working with you in the future.


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